Sheep Hop


Sheep Hop is a click game with pixel graphics. Move the sheep from one stake to another. This is a game with no end and it only ends when your sheep falls into the water.

The story of the sheep's journey

Our sheep is getting lost, he is going astray and going to difficult places to return to his sheep. The journey this time that the sheep encountered is going through the piles in the deep water. The more moves forward to quickly get to another journey.

How to move

Use the mouse to perform actions in turn touching the sheep then drag it backwards to the length you want and release when you are sure.

Take the challenges

The task you need to do is to move the sheep over the stakes that are floating on the water. Tap the sheep and drag him backwards, adjusting the length you want him to move. Once you have settled into the position where you feel most stable, release the mouse and the sheep will automatically move forward. Waiting for the results, either standing on the safety post, or falling into the water or flying too far out of the screen. Jump over the piles as much as you can. The game will record how many points you have stood on. And it also ends when you are not on the pole.