Stack Tracks


Help the three bear brothers find the town in Stack Tracks. The three bear brothers overlapped and walked on the road. Your task is to arrange a clear path for them to go without falling.

Going to town with the three bear brothers

The three bear brothers in We Are Simply Bears are recreated in this game. They often work on doing things together. This time, they have work to do in town. Their accommodation is quite far from the town and the road from the forest to the town is quite long and difficult. Help them create a clear path so they can get to town easily. The road sections are arranged indiscriminately and need to be rearranged to connect together into a road. Quickly rearrange the road because the three cousins are about to finish the road you fixed. If the connection is wrong or the arrangement is not done, the bears will fall down one by one, the journey will continue until all three bears fall.

Support characters

Along the way, you will collect stars and they will be useful in helping the bears call their friends. Each character will have a unique trait and will support you along the way and help you go easier. For example, Cloe helps you gain extra stars in the next 10 lanes, Lucy helps you stop so you have time to rearrange the path to catch the bears. There are also some other characters that you can search, just go the longer you can meet new characters. However, they can only help you for a limited time, though it's better than none. In addition, you also come across magical cardboard boxes that give you secret rewards. Click 5 times to unlock the secret.