Stick Merge


Become a great shooter in Stick Merge. Upgrade your weapon to the ultimate weapon. Hit the targets before they destroy you. Perform daily missions to improve your shooting skills.

Join the stickman in this entertaining shooting game. You need to hit the target before you get shot dead by them. Hit the target with aiming, the moving objects are constantly making you disoriented, choose wisely how to aim to take down the enemy. To be a good sniper is not only about skills but also about weapons. Weapons are also one of the ways to help you perform tasks faster.

Weapon upgrade

Upgrade your weapons to the next level. Start with the level 1 gun, combine 2 level 1 guns into a level 2 gun and 2 level 2 guns into a level 3 gun, and so on until the weapon is upgraded until it reaches level 50. Your money will be filled and used them and the purchase of many level 1 guns and assembled.


In addition, you can buy new items in the shop. The hats will partially protect you from enemy attacks. Not only that, it also helps to make your appearance more prominent.

How to control

Shoot down the enemy with aim with the mouse pointer.