Stickman Hook


Play the Stickman Hook skill game now! Control a stickman swinging through obstacles to reach the end of the levels and the finish line.

Use and show off your skills to swing through obstacles such as sharp gears, swinging hammers, moving platforms, etc.With simple gameplay and minimalist designs, the game is more addictive than ever!


Keyboard control:

Move: Arrow keys or WASD keys
Jump: Spacebar.
Attack: Use the Z, X, or C keys.
Special Abilities: Keys such as A, S, or D can activate special moves or abilities.
Pause/Menu: Esc key or P key

Mouse control:

Move: Move the mouse cursor to control the direction of the stickman.
Jump: left-click or right-click
Attack: Left click to attack; right click for special attack.
Special Ability: Mouse button or mouse click combination
Pause/Menu: Usually an on-screen button or pressing the Esc key.

Mobile Control:

Motion: Swipe on the touch screen.
Jump: Tap the screen.
Attack: Tap on a specific enemy or area.
Special abilities: Touch icons or perform specific gestures.
Pause/Menu: Tap the designated button or use a swipe gesture.