Subway Surfers Bali


Experience running away from the obnoxious security guard with his ferocious dog in Subway Surfers Bali. The street artist once again marks the destination as beautiful Bali.

You play as an artist who decorates the walls of the streets of Bali with lovely paintings. Once again, you are in the pursuit of the vicious dog and the obnoxious security guard. Before he can teach you a lesson, you must run away from him. Move and avoid anything that stands in the way of escape. In this never ending run, don't forget to earn gold coins as much as you can.

To make the game more interesting and exciting, unlock surfboards and other characters. To unlock them, use the coins you earn while running. In addition, you must complete the rewards as they unlock secret abilities that you cannot foresee.

How to control

Arrow keys or WASD to move

Use the Space key to help you move faster when using the surfboard

Inspiration of the game

Bali is considered a beautiful place globally. Imagine you are among the towering trees of the Ubud monkey forest or the picturesque beach. The ancient temples are also one of the unique places that deserve international recognition. Therefore, Subway Surfers World Tour chose this place for this tour.