Tag 2 3 4


Tag 2 3 4 is an entertaining multiplayer game with simple but equally attractive graphics. Choose 1 of 3 maps and start the game. The AI who has the arrow is the loser.

Tasks to do

You will be entering a space. Whoever owns the white arrow at the top is designated as the loser. If you don't want to be a loser, spread the word quickly. The game has just over 110 seconds, you and your friends quickly pass the arrow to the slowest person.

Characters in the game

The game can be played by up to four players. The characters differ only in the headband. Green, blue, red and yellow. Invite more friends to play with and choose your favorite colored characters.

Select maps

There are 3 maps for you to choose from. Different maps with different backgrounds and obstacles. Try all 3 maps to know the space and how to move in that map. After trying all 3 maps, you can continue to play with your favorite map.

How to control

For PC:

Red Player: Use WAD to control your player

Blue Player: Use arrow keys to control your player

Yellow Player: Use IJL to control your player

Green Player: Use TFH to control your player

For Mobile:

Tap the buttons on the screen to control your player and hold those buttons to jump