The Fish Master


The Fish Master is a fun fishing game in which you have to catch as many fishes as you can while improving your fishing line to go deeper and catch more fish.

Your mission is to use a hook to capture all marine species. There are various species such as dolphin, crab, shark, shrimp, and whale. Each species brings separate benefits. Therefore, do not worry and go fishing. Besides that, you can upgrade your fishing line to reach the deeper level in the sea and enable you to catch more big fish. Note that each level has a certain amount of fish that you have to capture. Complete your goal and earn money!

The gameplay is so simple. You only need to use your mouse to control the hook.

Fetures of The Fish Master

  • Various marine species
  • Upgrade your fishing line
  • Reach deeper point

Release date

Mar 05 2020

How to play

Use mouse to play the game.