The Tom And Jerry Show: Puzzle Escape


The Tom And Jerry Show: Puzzle Escape recreates the presence of two characters Tom and Jerry. Help Jerry move from one portal to another and give Tom a lesson. In the process of moving, Jerry encounters some obstacles, please make a way for him to go to the other side of the road.

Tom And Jerry's Battle

The war between Tom And Jerry never ends. Especially when Jerry is always teasing Tom and he doesn't stop doing everything to tease Tom. In this show, you will help Jerry perform challenges through obstacles, collect pieces of cheese and tease Tom. Move the items so that Jerry goes through from the beginning of the game to the end of the game. Tom on the other side is waiting for you, tease him right away because it's Jerry's fun.

Modes of the game

Adventure: including 10 smaller minigames with the requirement to help Jerry move from one gate to the other, you have completed the task. In each minigame there will be a request to collect cheese pieces, you can choose to take or not. However, how can you ignore Jerry's favorite food, try to perform the task but help Jerry get the cheese.

Time trial: mode is opened when you have completed all the minigames of Adventure. In this mode, the minigames are played the same way as in Adventure, but there will be time and you need to complete the challenge before the time ends.