Touch Chess


Touch Chess is a game where you can compete with other online players. Are you confident in your own abilities? Let's join the battle now

Our new chess game, Touch Chess, will put your strategy and dexterity to the test. These skills are necessary in this game since they are the only ones that will allow you to finish the objective successfully. You have to defeat the computer in chess in this game. Do not jump to conclusions just because everything seems to be straightforward; the game is really rather challenging, and as you go, you will encounter more challenging hurdles that may cause you serious difficulties. If you fail, keep trying; I'm certain that if you work out, you'll succeed in beating him. You will use white pieces while playing this game. The game has a time limit, so try to win it as quickly as you can after earning more points. If you succeed, you may move up to the list of the top players. Only the mouse is required to play this game, and when it's your time to move the pieces, you must do so. Give all you've got to go to the top of the greatest players because that's the only way you can convince them you can do it.

How to play Touch Chess:

  • Player 1 and Player 2 use the same controls: "MOUSE" or "Touch".