Trick Hoops: Puzzle Edition


Trick Hoops: Puzzle Edition is an amazing sports game where you overcome many obstacles to shoot a ball into the hoop. Collect all stars in front of the hoop.

Combining the puzzle game and basketball game, Trick Hoops: Puzzle Edition will be a perfect game to kill time and exercise your brain. The game is more challenging when you have to throw the ball cleverly over many boxes to reach the basket. You also shoot the ball to break the boxes. Beware of the numbers of the ball because they aren’t infinite. Therefore, you need to make smart strategies before using the balls. The game has many main levels and bonus levels to play. You need to score one point to pass the level. One special thing, the bonus levels are always harder than the normal levels because they have iron boxes and movable hoop.

When you throw a ball, you should shoot through the stars to collect them. Swipe to adjust the angle and strength, then release to shoot the ball. With easy gameplay and simple control, it is suitable for all age groups, even children. Before entering the level, select your favourite character. How many levels can you pass? 

Features of Trick Hoops: Puzzle Edition

  • The sound effects are linked with character movement
  • Collect stars by shooting through them
  • Puzzle and sports game

How to control

  • Press and swipe to adjust the angle and strength, release to shoot the ball