Tunnel Rush


Let's race at speed in Tunnel Rush. Run through winding tunnels with spirals and colorful obstacles. Avoid obstacles and collect coins along the way.

To conquer Tunnel Rush, you need to have quick reflexes and move at high speed without hitting obstacles.
Tunnel Rush has vibrant, colorful graphics and a festive atmosphere. It will help you feel excited, refreshed, and attractive.
Collect coins along the way, which will be used to unlock new characters and skins.
The tunnel will become more challenging with each level. The layout is more complex, and the speed needs to be faster. Tunnel Rush is indeed a game that requires good reflexes.

Tips and tricks

Quickly observe and judge dangers, move, and have the fastest response strategy.
Some barriers will rotate and move. Make sure to get past it and take action before it gets in the way.
Many times, you think it is impossible to pass the level. Tunnel Rush has a fast speed but still ensures enough time for you to avoid obstacles. The important thing is that you have good skills.
Practicing a lot will help increase your movement skills and perfect reflexes.


Left and right Arrow keys (A, D): Move left and right
Space: Pause or restart