Typing Fighter


Typing Fighter is a word puzzle game with an extremely attractive version that will make you unable to ignore. Your task is to type the letters quickly

You may test your typing speed, accuracy, and spelling in the game Typing Test. As quickly as you can, enter the word that appears on the card. It becomes more difficult as you go, and new card kinds will show up. There are three modes of the Typing Test: relaxed test, time attack, and score attack. It's simple to get acquainted to the game by taking a relaxing exam that doesn't include any word avoidance. You may make errors and try again until you get it perfect in this mode since there is no time restriction or score cap. For those who want a greater challenge, there are two more modes: Time attack provides you a certain amount of time to complete your typing exam; score attack makes it difficult for you to keep up with the cards so you can type them out more quickly than previously.

Are you a typist? Love playing word games? You will probably like Typing Fighter if you answered yes to both of these questions. This game involves typing. In order to beat the machine and other players, you must type words as quickly as you can. Anyone who enjoys playing word games and wants to expand their vocabulary must be able to type. Players have to learn new words and spellings that might take on new forms every day, making typing increasingly challenging as time goes on. This game will aid you in achieving your aim of typing words quickly if you struggle with it. There are many diverse difficulties for typists of all skill levels, so it offers something for everyone.

In the quick-paced word game of typing, you compete against proficient opponents to see how well you can type and spell. As soon as you can, type the word that appears on the screen. If you make a mistake, don't worry; simply use the backspace key to undo it and start again. Play games with other people from around the globe or compete against our computer-controlled players. You may unlock additional typing challenges by typing as quickly as you can. But be cautious! Your competitors won't be as understanding since they have been taught by experienced typists to offer their best effort at all times.

In the adventure game Typing, you must type as quickly as you can to battle an army of artificially intelligent foes. The game is set in a dystopian future where "Fighters," synthetic beings, live. The only thing that can stop this digital threat from destroying mankind is your typing abilities! The game's several modes, including Challenge (single player), Typing Classroom (online with friends), and Campaign, each call for a particular approach and typing style (Single Player). By earning accomplishments or purchasing them with in-game money, you may unlock additional characters.

The enjoyable word game of typing needs fast fingers and astute observational abilities. You have to write the words exactly as you see them on the screen. These typing games are excellent for passing the time if you like playing video games on your smartphone.

How to play

  • Using Mouse