Uphill Rush 10


Uphill Rush 10 is an action game where your task is to control a vehicle to reach the destination. Collecting the coins, cash, and gems can be useful for you.

When playing the game, the main target is to go to the destination safely. There isn’t limited time, but with a short finish time, you can get three stars. Press the up arrow to move forward and the right and left arrows to balance the vehicles. When facing the high slopes, press the space bar to power up. You can collide with thousand of obstacles on the road without destroying the vehicle. However, if you fall on the head, you must replay. Don't worry, you can restart at the last checkpoints. Moreover, you can earn some coins when hitting them. You also earn more coins on the road by collecting them. You can use coins to buy new vehicles, characters and upgrades.

With new rules and gameplay, you can addict to the game at the first play. You can have a relaxing time with the game. It’s also suitable for all children and families. Many different levels that can challenge your limit. How many levels can you pass? Let's click on the game to have the answer. Good luck!

Features of Uphill Rush 10

  • Beautiful graphics
  • The music and sound effect are good
  • Many levels to play

How to control

Use arrow keys to move the vehicles

Press the space bar to speed up