Where is the Water


Where is the Water is a fun and exciting puzzle game in which you have to guide water to a crocodile. Your crocodile needs drinking water to grow. Help him!

In this game, your mission is simple because you only have to feed a little adorable crocodile. People usually think that crocodiles are scary and ferocious. However, come to this game to explore another side of the crocodile species, the cuteness.

Your crocodile is locked up underground and the boy needs to drink to grow. Draw lines according to your way to bring water to the crocodile while collecting stars around. After completing the drawing, you can turn on the water machine to move water to the destination following the draw lines.

The mechanics are simple, but you will face various challenges and difficulties because of the complication of maps. Besides that, there are some obstacles such as lava. Avoid these dangerous objects!

Features of Where is the Water

  • Intriguing and fun arcade game
  • Simple mechanics with the mouse controls
  • Level up

How to control

Slide your mouse to play the game