Who is?


Who is? is a game that challenges your brain to find the answer. With more than 200 levels, your intelligence will raise to a new level, more responsive to all problems.

This brain game trains your brain to be active in all aspects. The game is developed by Unico Studio, the company that founded several other famous mind games and is also quite popular with players.

Sometimes you think the answer is hidden somewhere, but if you are more alert, you can find the answer right in the question. Or apply the principles in life you know, spot the unusual point of a game.

How to control

Click on the character you are looking for

Gather evidence and answer questions in Who is?

With a total of more than 200 different levels with different difficulty levels. You have to be alert enough to be able to do more levels. Use what you know to answer the question. If you can't find the answer, you can also use the game's hints to help you.

To collect evidence to answer the question, look for evidence in the character who needs to find the answer, synthesize the evidence and make a conclusion who is really the person the question is looking for.