Wood Block Puzzle 2


Wood Block Puzzle 2 is a puzzle game where your mission is to put the wood pieces into suitable positions. You need to clear as many wood lines as possible.

Come to the game, you will solve puzzles on how to put all pieces into reasonable places. You move the wood pieces into the lines to make the line be full. Then, the full lines will be cleared. You can get points from that. The more points you get, the more value medals you receive. The game will be over if you are out of possible moves or there aren’t available places for other pieces. Don’t too worry, let’s use your intelligence to overcome the puzzle. Let's get a combo bonus by matching several line at once.

With the beautiful graphics, the game will not let you down. If you love puzzle games, Wood Block Puzzle 2 can’t be ignored. It is also suitable for all ages, even children because it helps them exercise their brain. 

Features of Wood Block Puzzle 2

  • Beautiful graphics
  • Get a high score to gain medals
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Fun and exciting game

How to control

  • Drag the mouse to put the pieces into places