Word Swipe


Word Swipe is a fun entertainment game that has been around for a long time, but the attraction from this game has not diminished. Show your wisdom now

DoonDookStudio has created an entertaining HTML5 Word Game called Word Swipe. This game has a lovely design that will draw in your viewers. There are several blocks with letters on them in this HTML5 word game. To construct a meaningful word, slide the letters together. The letters will be destroyed after the word has been completed. To pass each level, you must locate all of the words. At the top of the screen, there is a suggestion for each word. You may also utilize several assistance tools to locate the relevant term.

How to play Word Swipe

  • Each level has numerous blocks with a large number of letters on them, and you must figure out which ones link to make words by swiping along with them with your mouse. If the word is accurate, they are eliminated, and you get points.
  • You may also swipe to construct smaller words, but if they're not necessary, you'll merely earn points and the blocks will stay. The level usually has a theme, so look for words that are related. If you get stuck, use the assistance buttons to shuffle the letters about, enlarge the letters to give you a beginning letter, or use the tips button (lightbulb) to give you letters.
  • Try to see how far you can go through the stages, no matter how tough they get, and don't give up if you get stuck or lose since it means you'll be better next time!