Zombies Cookies Apocalypse


Perform a mission to destroy Zombie with the main character in Zombies Cookies Apocalypse. What you need to keep in mind is that the cookie factory is attacked by Zombies. Fight off waves of Zombies, collect cookies to upgrade your weapons and defenses.

The plot of Zombies Cookies Apocalypse

The whole city has been surrounded by Zombies, nowhere is there not. You have no choice but to face it. To be able to survive in a world full of Zombies, be brave and rise to all challenges. Your only support is the cookie maker. Here you will get cookies to exchange for weapons or raise your power stats against brutal zombies.

Become a hero against evil Zombies

The game begins with the image of the hero who needs to be moved up the nooks and crannies to get to his car. He will move up left and right by dragging and holding the mouse. Move collect diamonds to increase your pocket money. Defeat zombies dressed as cookies before they attack you.

Use the obtained blue diamonds and buy items such as increased combat ability, increased strength, increased diamond absorption. And try innovation with two new characters.

You can also become a brave knight fighting against the forces of evil in,